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I’m Erica, an Indian expat living in Muscat, Oman (My home away from home) I have a full-time job in the field of marketing & communications (which I love) I’m a mommy to an almost one three year old monkey man and married to my ‘bestest’ friend (and ‘worstest’ enemy!)

10 things you should know about me Erica Barrow Navis on www.shotsandsocks.com

I’ve always been very passionate about art & craft (when I was a kid, I always wanted to be an artist – my nana convinced me otherwise) I love to dabble in everything creative – from painting to photography and everything in between (which includes D.I.Y projects, cooking, party planning and the likes!) 

10 things you should know about me Erica Barrow Navis on www.shotsandsocks.com

Shots and socks is the shortened version of ‘Tequila Shots & Psychedelic Socks’. Two things that are distinct in nature and may seem random but have meaning to me – like the content of my blog posts.

‘Tequila Shots’ apart from their obvious use, signify an alternate approach to life throwing lemons at you. They stand for content in my blog that’s motivational & inspired.

‘Psychedelic Socks’ stand for the rebel in me. While I’m terribly color coordinated & neutral by nature (My home and wardrobe stand as proof) the one sign of dysfunction are my socks – psychedelic and never matching. This represents creativity & diversity in content of my blog.

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