Eating Out – The Jungle

Hidden in Qurum (Near the Rose Garden) is the Jungle – best known for its live grills, decor, rain forest vibe and greenery. The Jungle, is a great place to dine at! The walk to the restaurant was especially entertaining (as always) – I love their theme (it’s a definite hit with the kiddies) and I must admit how well maintained the greenery was.

This wasn’t my first time at The Jungle, I’ve sampled their grills before. I like when you can go back to a place that has tweaked their menu and still find your favorites to choose from ! (scroll below to download )

Appetizers include – ‘Onion a Day‘ a.k.a bhajiyas,  ‘Coconut on the Beach’ – flavored prawns served with a sweet chili salsa and the ‘Hunters Satay‘ – marinated chicken served with a portion of rice.

My personal favourite is the ‘Jungle affair pitcher’ which is a combination of cranberry & orange juice. This time around I thought I’d try something different – The Mint & Lemon Mojito

Pictured above is a customer favourite – The Blue Lagoon, a sweet berry twist with a dash of lime juice & crushed mint.

If you are a lover of steak then the ‘Chilled Australian Sirloin‘ comes highly recommended! 

When at the Jungle, I’d always recommend their signature grills. A popular choice is the Mount Fuji, grilled beef teriyaki skewers – cooked to perfection. The Kilimanjaro tho caught my eye, a grill that included sausages and salami.

Sea food lovers must try the Kinabalu – the serving is quite large and comes with an assortment of fish, including shrimp, scallops and octopus.  

I was too stuffed for dessert but I did make an exception – although I’m a fan of the ‘Molten Lava cake’, I have to say that I really did enjoy the ‘Roses are Red’ – an absolutely yummy combination of pavlova, fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream (okay, made my mouth water – again!)

You can download their extensive menu here. When I say extensive, I mean it –  there is something for everyone !

They are part of the Entertainer – Oman, which translates into more food and more savings. They have partnered with major banks to offers their customers discounts too. On Wednesdays you can enjoy the Jungle hospitality under candle light.

In addition, you can have a customized birthday party that includes an interactive session like potting a plant – and you can take your plant home  OR a pizza making lesson, for junior chefs (sounds like so much fun!)

For more information call +968 9428 1824 |9569 0658, visit their website or find them on facebook here.

More photographs from the afternoon on my Facebook Page. If you don’t want to go looking for the album (I feel you!simply click here! – But don’t forget to follow @shotsandsocks on Facebook.

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