Free Printable June 2017 Calendar AND some exciting news !!!

June mandala 2017 printable shotsandsocks calendar erica barrow muscat oman

Hello Hello!

‘Almost’ six months into the ‘alleged’ NEW year!

It’s time to download your ‘mandala’ calendar template for the month of June!

I live in Muscat, Oman & right now we have just begun ‘Ramadan’. 2017 marks my 10th Ramadan in Oman. It is a month of fasting and prayer for all the Muslims. It is a quiet month, the city comes alive in the evening – I look forward to the amazing ‘iftars‘. (Iftar reviews during the month on @shotsandsocks)

The mandala this month is inspired by one of the colours of Ramadan – purple (which is also one of my favourite colours)

Simply click on the link below to download the file (Size A4)

June mandala 2017 printable shotsandsocks calendar erica barrow muscat oman

Click to download the June Calendar – .JPEG

Click to download the June Calendar – .PDF

The file is A4 but I prefer using it in A5 (It fits perfectly in my diary). You can adjust the settings while printing.

Finally, don’t forget to embellish. I intentionally left some space on the upper right corner of the calendar – feel free to write down some words of inspiration, doodle or do nothing there!

I use the calendar on my iPad Pro too, just export the same .jpeg (click the link above to download) to either ‘paper 53′ or ‘procreate‘ and you are good to go !

Now the title of my post did say ‘exciting’ news –  I now have all the 2017 printables ready. If you would like to receive all of them by a single email – that’s possible (So you can have them ready to use ahead of time).

Please enter your email address in the fancy little box below (click subscribe) and you will receive an email from me ‘Erica at‘ on the 15th of June 2017 with links to download the printables for July to December 2017.

NOTE: I solemnly swear to NOT spam you! You will NOT be magically added to my mailing list (simply because I don’t have a newsletter! hehehe) also, I will NOT sell your information (for real! I do not want ‘karma’ biting me in the behind) You will only (and I mean ONLY) receive ‘calendar’ related emails.

Have fun now. xx

erica barrow navis

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