Hello 2018 !


Hello 2018 🙂

I find it so hard to believe that we are two weeks into the new year! Time does fly. As in the past, my first post of 2018 is a peek into what I hope to achieve during the year (in life and on the blog)

But before we look into the future, here’s a quick recap of 2017 – As always, the year was a learning experience. 2017 brought many opportunities my way. It was a year of creativity and giving back (I did some fun giveaways and published some free printables – hey! it’s a start). I had my work feature in the media, learned new techniques at an art workshop, met new people & spoke at the 1st digital conference in Oman.

I surprised myself with my consistency, I managed to eat healthy and train during the year (But yes! I have fallen off the yoga band wagon *shame*shame*shame*) I practiced and improved my calligraphy, did a few ‘arty’ customized orders and just enjoyed being creative! I may have even started a secret writing process! (an anonymous account that lets me vent!)

On the blog, I did better than before (I still have a long way to go with frequency) and my blog had its own little moments. I even upped my instagram game (by ‘upped’ I mean, more posts, more followers at snail pace and a theme – nothing too fancy)

So 2018, here is what I see us doing!

purple panatone 2018 inspired mandala hello 2018 shots and socks blog goals

Declutter : My life – cut negative people loose! My home – Throw away anything that I haven’t used in a year (all things stationery & shoes, don’t count. Okay?) and my mind – Let go of all irrational and excessive thoughts that I have so generously invited into my consciousness (replace them with thoughts of the upcoming ‘Aquaman‘ movie AND Aquaman!)

Read: Funny story, last year my friend introduced me to a little reading challenge. Long story short, I read three books in the whole year (*shame*shame*shame*) Let’s do things differently this year.

Grow: One of the reasons why I love doing goals every year is because when you look back at the year, you can always measure growth! This year I’d like to go back to yoga, keep painting, doodle, study, travel more – the list could just go on! But one thing I definitely need to focus on is my faith – my prayer life.

purple panatone 2018 inspired mandala hello 2018 shots and socks blog goals

In the spirit of keeping things simple, I just have ONE goal for my blog – POST ! Post frequently and consistently. Tick off all my pending posts – Just post!

Before I forget, the artwork above is inspired by the Pantone colour of 2018 – Ultra Violet. I’ve never been so keen on implementing the shade in my work, as I am this year – because Ultra Violet falls within the spectrum of my favourite colour (or it may be the other way around, whatever!).

Also, the color signifies mindfulness (something I’ve been struggling with working on), originality (something we should all fight to be! It’s so boring trying to be someone else) and creative expression. I may have even thought of changing my ‘blog colour’ this year, but sanity prevailed.

Finally, have a fantastic 2018 – may it bring you all things awesome (like a two season extension to the Game Of Thrones, no?)


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